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Vermont Cedar Chair Company

Vermont Cedar Chair Company
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Vermont Cedar Chair Company is a Vermont design company specializing in ecologically responsible products. There goal is to create products that no one have ever seen before. They want to erase the line between form and function until it does not exist. Vermont Chair Company's line of furniture comes with a lifetime warranty. No questions asked, just return it to the company and they will send you a new one. Shortly after Jason Lutz, founder of the Vermont Cedar Chair Company, finished college in 2008 he moved up to Vermont. He wanted to spend some time to figure out what he was going to do with his life. His mother had a farm in Danville Vermont, and she had a large cedar stand. She hired a Logger to come onto her property to thin out the stand, thus allowing the more mature trees to grow up. Unfortunately she turned her back and the logger clear cut the stand. Surveying the damage, Jason realized that everything that he had left was perfect for making furniture. Shortly after making his first prototypes, his mother asked him if he wanted to know why he liked to make furniture. She pulls out the family album and he learns that his family three generations back had one of the largest furniture companies in the world, called The Grand Rapids Chair Company. He took his furniture to his first craft show and sold out. The rest is history…


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